Return of The Connoisseur

Iss been a while, long time no write. Been out but not down, more sites yet fun times. 

Welcome back to the Edventure bandwagon. Where fun meets the keyboard, nd experiences reach your screen. It’s challenging to keep up here, a full time worker with studies yet a bucket list of adventures to check off. Ouuh, and this slow blog. See my life?

So… while you were away, or is it while I was away? Fun happened! (Last Seen here – September 2016). Hence, let’s reminisce and take a short trip down memory lane. Hii sylabus lazma tumalize in time, take the tips.

October – If you wanna do a laid back vacay, get an all inclusive deal. Amani Tiwi Beach Resort came through in handy, value for money plus awesome therapeutic water sports. SGR is here, what’s your excuse?

New Year – If you’ve not been to Naivasha in search for ‘bush‘ fun, you are doing life wrongly. Please see me aside for life’s manual at a fee. Hell’s gate, Olkaria Spa, Lake Naivasha & environs (Moi South Lake Rd) so much going on there. Special mention to Camp Carnelley‘s, little piece of heaven by the lake.

February – Since no man is an independent candidate, oops i meant to say Island. WE did Sirville Lodge lake Elementeita in Gilgil, hustle free planning and adventure for a weekend. It’s just the right place to unwind, divine sceneries nd a dip by the pool overlooking the lake.

April – Ngare Ndare forest Nanyuki is the place to be for adrenaline check. Walk through a canopy, moderate hike that leads to heavenly natural pools for a dive or swim. Group safari recommended for this. 

Here we are, brought up to speed but won’t touch on the most recent; twas just too good. Over to you, stay tuned and ‘Keep up with The Connoisseur‘.
As somebody once put it, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. It’s a bit deep, but let it sink and may you live your life to the fullest and stay happy.

Wish you an edventurous time!


Game of Life

I like equating life to the world of football. We are all in training but only some will make it to the starting line-up, and a chosen few shall be on the bench awaiting their chance.

The starting 11 shall never be equal; in the eyes of fans nor  those of fellow team mates/trainers.Much is expected from each in different magnitude based on capabilities and records. Such is life.

It is right for there to be expectations; after all, to whom much is given.. Why then would you get your chance and not give 💯? Save for the once in a while bad days!

This life is not your own, chances come and go and what you do with them(conversion rate) shall be put to question. 

No man is an island, they say. The game of life must put into consideration team work which is facilitated at individual level to keep up the spirit. Whatever you do with the “ball”, should be of benefit to the team as a whole and keep your role relevant.

We engage in day to day activities  & interactions but whether we give our all is a matter of self reflection

It is a time to focus on I, not to meet your expectations, but to  give the best of me. I’m no longer in a practice session, but rather a free spirit on the loose determined to keep the ball rolling nd finding the net. 

I’ll be keen not to let you down; nitatenda wema niende zangu, yet I don’t know if you will; but what goes around comes around.

Yours trully ✌.

1st Half Analysis

Prrrrrrr!!!! 🕕 there goes the half-time whistle 🏁. Its quite a fast game, and unfortunately the call is only an alert for the start of yet another half. Sigh; no rest for us.

But just before we kick off the ball into play, lets take a quick review of what has been ⏪ the highlights.

January: This is usually the month of renewed hopes and lined up resolutions. I had mine too nd they could have been well inclined into new adventures and living life for the moment with sight for tomorrow.

With visits to Ol Kalou, Thompson falls Nyahururu and Paradise Lost Kiambu, it couldn’t have been better for a month usually associated with hot & dry weather extending up to the pockets. ooh and purses too.

In a wrap, Jan was a good play and great show of intent put forth. Great command of possession and a high conversion rate of opportunities arising. ★★★★☆

February: Ooh to the month of Love. I ought to live, laugh & love, glad to have spread this to all deserving quarters. I would equate this to the dribbles past gloomy obstacles and through passes to those in close range (the heart). Whether i made the best finishes out of the set ups i got shall remain to be seen; but enough of my story now – it is better to have loved and lost… blah blah blah.

Taking operation #TembeaKenya to another level, Amboseli National park was the highlight of the month and an eye opener for me. The view of the blissful Mt.Kilimanjaro especially on the morning of St.Valentine’s still freshly lingers in my mind.

Someone bring me back to the present. I need to revisit this place in a few years though. Cheers to my Feb! ★★★★☆

March: Not quite an eventful month. But we all gotta get our foot off the gas and take control of things at some point. See how Arsenal plays when they are 1 goal up, like just keeping the ball reading the game and awaiting an opportune moment to tear up the defense? Yeah right, until they find themselves on the receiving end!

Well, it was not as such to me. But i found myself often on the defensive and probably even out of ideas. However, i still Marched forth and came out clean.

And a road trip to Kerugoya wasn’t that bad. ★★★☆☆

April: Who said chapatis must be round? And who said you can’t TembeaKenya around Nairobi? April was a tactical boost to the game; from defence to offence real quick.

A visit to The Dam Redhill Tigoni was a good unwinding from quarter 1 of the year. Of floating restaurants and boat riding galore in the chilly Limuru weather was fascinating.

I wouldn’t fail to mention the visit to my rural; stronghold territory aka Tharaka Nithi county. The road trip only made me realize how blessed we are with resources and this is #WhyILoveKenya🇰🇪 Lesson learnt – every day is a new experience. ★♥★♡☆

May: Going international starts from your neighborhood. Talk of pitching camp on your opponents last quarter, moving the ball with a touch of confidence and the crowd up in roars behind you. Such was May.
A trip to Arusha, Tanzania was about being open minded in this game. Be open and a free spirit. Interaction with new environment, people and culture. Not forgetting currencies too :mrgreen:. Recognizing the outer world and breaking outta my shell.

Followed shortly with a visit to Rolf’s Place Rongai with my best of friends taught me to keep the loyal ones closer. Talk of an attack with short passes, the typical 1 – 2s or tiki takas as you may call them. The game was loong won. May was a done deal! ♥♥♥♥♡

June: Madaraka day came with its own demands. Who wouldn’t like to unwind on a public holiday in the middle of the week; we are Kenyans right?

Naivasha had to be the place – this is like the ordained fun location in the 254’s map. Hell’s gate was graceful, and the gorges nostalgic. The Olkaria geothermal spa capped it all, life is too short not to be in a hot water pool.

June brought with it a lot of soul searching, calling myself to meetings that were often adjourned without a conclusion. Its that moment a coach is faced with selection problems to get a good match of players to optimize the teams performance.

But from it all, like a youngster from the academy, was the birth of this blog. It wasn’t such a bad ending towards that whistle. ♥♥♥♡♡

The Lord has surely been merciful to me, may He see me through all to come. Lets set the ball rolling now, the halfs may have changed but the goals haven’t yet.

Cheers to the months that have been, and the edventures to be. Focus. ✌

Where the Heart is

I’m home. The place that makes me nostalgic, my heart gets enthusiastic, the view is just photographic but all this was never automatic.

The place has been my habitat for close to 20 good years now. I have seen things change, i have seen people revolve, i have seen the environment transform. Good thing is i made my contribution to the beautification.

Landscaping and I were a case of love at first sight – yes it happens; my testimony. Im that guy you’lld give a title deed and i’ll give you a garden. Like a guitarist and their guitar, so is me and a panga/hoe(gardening tool) – just that i don’t carry them behind my back everywhere i go, unlike the former. 

The love i have for this place was as a result of mutual bonding with the pedology, the flora & the fauna; thats the end of my biology after dropping it in Form Two. From my affection for dogs to the fondness for flowers, it is home that offered it courtesy of my parents.

Now here i am, nostalgia engulfs me. Gradually feeling like i’m parting ways with the place that understands me – who designed life? But in all the message is clear, i’m on an edventure to design & landscape my own life, my input will be of essence for one day the beneficiaries (wife & kids) will be out here expecting a little heaven on earth.

They say “follow your heart but carry your brain with you”, yet i say reserve your heart for and to the best.

It is where my heart is!

Of me & butterflies

It’s me again, I’m no passing cloud. Call me that silver lining, I’m at every cloud, not backing down. I could get poetic at times.

Is it only me, or does everyone get butterflies prior to a hyped safari? Well.. mine is more than that, more of a stomach disorder. Butterflies are cute, mine seem to be caterpillars, or moths, or could be house flies – i just cant explain. I thought this feeling was reserved for dates, interviews, exams, ruracios and maybe us Arsenal fans; sigh.

I await in anticipation, a day feels like a week with 2 Mondays, hours are more of a day without lunch break. The D-day is almost here; hours away, it just doesn’t seem real. Simple items needed to be put together, but ask me i shall tell you I’m “packing“. Putting all my energy, thoughts and seriousness to it, i just can’t afford to go wrong on something that shall probably give me a sleepless night.

Off i go to bed, late but still worthy. I whisper a prayer to God, then remember my prayerful mum. I echo her prayers back, even though she has the least idea and now my heart is at peace.

Its the material day, up early as planned. Now things flowing like a script – i already knew what to wear nd what to pick, the tummy only gets better when i step out.

Its the end of my anxiety. Up to another mystery, an edventure awaits. 👋

A new ed.venture

It’s a new day, and finally my 1st to share my thoughts and experiences with readers in this platform.

Well, i should begin by introducing myself; i’m Edwin alias Ed or Edu as many call me. And ooh, i never loved the cartoon Ed Edd & Eddie but oh yess! How i was so into Scooby Doo  and Tom & Jerry. Ok, i save the cartoon stories for another day lest my age/motive is put to question here.

I am a fun loving guy who you’ll mostly find wearing a smile on any day – but i know when to do that best to avoid being awkward. Like who wants to smile sheepishly infront of a congregation before the pastor wanting to get saved? Not you i bet.

Every day is a new adventure for me, looking into getting better experiences. But there’s no better adventure than travelling to explore your environs which in this case is the #MagicalKenya – my Motherland. Now you know the origin of the name “Ed.Venture” – well i’m just cool like that.

I’m all about this life. Now here I am, wanting to share the adventures of @Ed_Wyne with you all across the world from all walks of life. Join the band wagon as i get to learn from you too.

I’ll be at the sunroof, or the back seat maybe with my sunglasses on. You won’t miss the smile and the camera in the hand (don’t mind finding it in selfie mode). I take one for the team too – whatever that means, i’m that guy.

All systems go. It’s the edventure! ✌